How could anybody be ashamed of Jesus? Or be ashamed of His words?  Perhaps the cowardly or the unbelieving could be.  Certainly there is no shame about Jesus or His words for the man or woman who stands redeemed by Jesus’ blood, longing to see their Savior one day.

Referenced Scripture
Mark 8:38, Luke 9:26

Shameful Behavior

In Luke 9:26, Jesus said, “If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.”  We are ashamed of Jesus when we hold back sharing our faith or witnessing for fear of sounding strange, radical, or weird.  We are ashamed of Jesus’ words when we are prompted by the Holy Spirit to answer a co-worker with a scripture, but don’t do so.  Any time we are prompted by God’s Spirit to share about Jesus or His Words, and don’t do so, we are hiding our light as mentioned by Jesus in Luke 8:16, ashamed of how we will appear to others if we let it shine.  Jesus said  that if we are ashamed of Him now, He will be ashamed of us when He returns.

Jesus is Coming…With the Holy Angels!

For those who water down Jesus and His words, saying he was just a great prophet, wise teacher, etc., deal with the fact that Jesus said  that He will return “…in his Father’s glory with the holy angels.”  Either this is true, or it is not true.  Jesus did not leave us any place to stand in between.  He was either who He said He was (the Son of God, see Luke 22:70) or He was a madman, saying things like this, about coming with holy angels!  Let’s put to rest any mental gyrations, rationalizations, or theories about who Jesus was.  Based on what Jesus said, He was either God’s Son or he was insane.  You have to choose.  Do not be ashamed of who Jesus said  He was!

Closing Thoughts

I love how, in the two referenced scriptures, Jesus said  He will return in His ”Father’s glory” .  Jesus was always giving God the credit and glory (examples: Matthew 19:17, John 7:16, John 17:1-4).  As Jesus’ life gave glory to the Father, our lives are to give glory to Jesus (see John 17:10, John 17:22-23).  We cannot give Jesus glory if we are hesitant and timid in sharing who Jesus is and what Jesus said.  Being so implies we are ashamed of Him or His words.  That is just plain foolish for the fact is this:  being “in Christ” is the greatest privilege we will ever have on this earth! (see Colossians 1:27, John 17:26) If we truly are “in Christ”, we cannot be ashamed to share it with the world!