What to say John 12, v49The Jesus Said Project
is one Christian’s personal journey to learn how Jesus commanded us to live by studying everything Jesus said in the four gospels–the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. This blog documents a large portion of that journey.


Project Goal: 

The goal of the project is to come back to the source of Christianity: JESUS. Only by knowing Jesus’ teachings firsthand can a Christian, a disciple of Jesus Christ, properly evaluate the truth in all the preaching, teachings, bible studies, and books available today. The Project shares what Jesus said to inspire others in their walk with God.

Phase I of the Project: Research

Jesus_Said_Don't_Love_Anyone_More_Than_GodResearch was done using the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible. Using the four gospels as a source, it took five months to read, categorize, and document everything Jesus taught.


Phase II of the Project: Blog

The second phase of the Project is this blog. The blog is one person’s prayerful consideration and reflection on what Jesus said, point by point.Learned from my father John 15, v15

Each blog post includes a list of referenced Scriptures, the text visible by hovering over the Scripture. (Note: Not all devices support hover text. If yours does not, please consult your bible for the referenced Scriptures.)

Posts are organized into four categories:

  • Jesus Said Be
  • Jesus Said Do
  • Jesus Said Don’t
  • Jesus Said and The Ten Commandments


About Me

Christine Rosendaul
Christine RosendaulFounder, Writer
Hi! My name is Christine Rosendaul. I became a disciple on July 29, 2002 and have always had a deep love of God’s Word.  The Project represents my comprehensive study of everything Jesus said in the four gospels about how He wants us to live.  It is an honest examination of my heart, behavior, and thoughts in relation to what Jesus taught. The Project shares Jesus’ words of truth in order to inspire others in their walk with our Lord.