“Don’t waste that!”  Did your mother or grandmother ever say that to you?  I was raised in an age when people never wasted food, always ate their leftovers, gave scraps from the kitchen to the dogs or, if vegetable or fruit, the scraps went into the garden area to use as compost.  This scripture makes me smile because it reminds me of my mother.  She said what Jesus said :  Don’t Waste!

 Referenced Scripture
John 6:12

“Let Nothing Be Wasted”

There is only one scripture for this teaching, but who can imagine Jesus living any other way?  Who can imagine Jesus praying to the Father for food to feed 5,000 people, receiving the miracle, and then, after having eaten, allowing the leftovers to spoil?  Would He treat his Father’s gift that way?  No, not my Jesus.  Instead, Jesus said, ”Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.”

 The Age of Consumerism

We have way too much stuff, including food, in America.  More than once, someone has said to me, “We don’t eat leftovers”.  Well, Jesus did, or at least He saved them for someone else to eat.  He definitely did not waste.  Jesus said, ”Let nothing be wasted.” 

Can you imagine Jesus wasting in other areas?  Like having so many clothes that He couldn’t wear them all; letting them sit in His closet, day after day, instead of letting someone else wear them?  Or sitting around all day, wasting time by doing nothing but watching television?  The principle of not wasting is about so much more than food; it is about our lifestyle and how we use what God has created, what God has given us.  If we really believe that everything is His, how can we waste any of it?

 Call to Action

Thanks to my mother and father’s wisdom in parenting, I do not waste food, though this scripture does convict me of wasting in another area of my life (e.g., how I spend the time God has given me).  In a later study, we will explore what Jesus said about how we are to use everything God has given us .  In the meantime, I’m still trying to think of something that Jesus would waste.  Maybe I’m just not thinking creatively, but I can’t imagine anything!  If you can, please share your insight in a Comment to this post.