In Luke 12:8, Jesus said, “I tell you, whoever acknowledges me before men, the Son of Man will also acknowledge him before the angels of God.”   In these 21 words, Jesus spoke words with more meaning than most people speak in a whole day!

Acknowledge Jesus

Acknowledge means to admit to be true or as stated; to confess; to recognize the authority or claims of.  Jesus said  we are to admit to others that He is true (the Truth), confess He is Lord, and admit that we recognize His authority over all.  It is just another way of saying that when speaking with others we are to witness about our faith in Jesus Christ, as mentioned in Luke 21:12-13.  It does not mean selling out and saying Jesus was a great prophet or teacher.  It does not mean recanting our faith in the face of persecution.  No, it means acknowledging to other people that Jesus was who He said He was He was not ashamed to speak the truth, in love, and we are to do the same.

What an inspiring thought, that one day Jesus will acknowledge ME ”before the angels of God” and ”before my Father in heaven” (from Luke 12:8 and Matthew 10:32).  Jesus said  He will do this IF I acknowledge/confess/recognize Him before men.

Angels of God

I love this teaching because it contains one of many, many references that Jesus made to angels.  Again, people tend to want to wash down what Jesus said, sometimes ignoring what He said about angels because many today do not believe in such things.  It seems too ‘uneducated’.  Well, there are at least 4 other scriptures where Jesus said  very clearly that there ARE angels (read Matthew 18:10, Luke 15:10, Matthew 25:41, Matthew 13:37-43).  Let us acknowledge ALL that Jesus said, and confess it ALL before men.

Call to Action

This week, look for an opportunity to be the faithful disciple who ”acknowledges me (Jesus) before men”. This doesn’t have to be some awkward, forced act.  No, if you pray to God and sincerely ask for such an opportunity, it will be given to you.  You will have the joy of confessing Jesus is Lord before men, and then can meditate on the day when Jesus will confess that YOU are His brother or sister in front of the angels and our Father God!